RGU Islamic Society

University is where you will spend some of the most memorable years of your life and we hope that RGU ISoc becomes a part of your treasured memories. As one of the most active student societies on campus, we aim to make your life at university more than a hunt for a degree.

Regardless of your religious or ethnic background, RGU ISoc will always have something to offer you. Our activities range from study circles, sports tournaments, dinners, gatherings, comedy evenings, exclusive movie screenings and so much more! We also take part in many charity and volunteer work with the wider community as well as hosting Islam awareness weeks to highlight the beauty of our religion.

As Muslim students, we have a responsibility upon us to pass on the true message of Islam and to act according to its teachings. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Pass on my teachings, even if just a verse…”(Bukhari & Tirmidhi)